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Civil Filing Fees
8046 Main Street Houma, Louisiana 70360

Jurisdictional limit for Regular Civil is  $30,000.00.

Small claims is $5,000.00

Filing Fees: (Effective March 1, 2018)

  • New Suits – 1 Defendant, With Local Service:  $240.00
Includes: Reconventional Demands, Third Party Demands, Intervention,
Deficiency Petition,  Executory Process, Amending/Supplemental Petition.
  • Each additional Defendant after the first one:  add $80.00
  • New suit through the Secretary of State:  $275.00
  • Petition to Revive Judgment:  $200.00
  • Petiton to make Judgment Executory w/Garnishment or Judgment Debtor Rule:  $275.00
  • Garnishment Proceedings:  $230.00 (This includes the Marshal's Writ Fee of $30.00)
  • Judgment Debtor Rule:  $125.00 (Service of one defendant, add $30.00 for each additional defendant)
  • Motion to Transfer from Small Claims to Regular Civil Docket:  $100.00
  • Re-Issuing Service of Citation:  $60.00
  • Motion for Trial/Motion to Compel/Motion for Summary Judgment/Motion to Seize Assets:  $120.00
  • Filing Judgmment (which includes recording) advance fee of:  $200.00
  • Cancel Judgment:  $55.00

Motion for Ad Hoc Attorney - An Advance Fee of $250.00 is required

Subpoenas & Subpoena Duces Tecum:  $8.00 plus 51 cents per mile round trip

Small Claims Subpoenas (per subpoena):  $50.00

Civil Subpoenas (per subpoena):  $60.00

Subpoena Issued to a Police Officer:  $75.00

Recording of Judgments:

  • Recording Judgment in Mortgage Records (First Page):  $25.00
  • Recording Judgment in Mortgage Records (Each additonal page per book):  $10.00
    • Indexing of Names (This means plaintiff and defendant per name after first name):  $5.00
    • Body of Judgment
      • AKA is $5.00/name
      • DBA in body $5.00 more
      • FKA is $5.00 more
    • Stamping of copy for Recording (per document):  $3.00
    • Non-compliance fee if margins are not correct:  $10.00
  • Canceling Judgment in Mortgage Records (per entry numbers):  $55.00

  Evictions (The Marshal's Office charges mileage on all evictions):

  • Notice to Quit (1st Notice):  $55.00 plus mileage
  • Rule to Show Cause on Eviction (2nd Notice with Court Date):  $116.00 plus mileage
  • Rule to Show Cause/Waiver of 1st Notice in lease/Previous Landlord Notice to Quit (Goes Directly to Court:  $151.00 plus mileage

Small Claims Division Fees:

New Suit (1 defendent) - $150.00 for one Defendant and $75.00 for each additional defendant (e.g. 2 defendants is $225.00, 3 defendants is $300.00, etc.)

Additional fees will be required if your law suit has to be reissued, if service is outside of Terrebonne Parish, or for service of Notice of Trial.

Small Claims through the Secretary of State:  $200.00

Amending & Supplemental Petition, Petition to Revive Judgment (per defendant):  $150.00

Petition to Revive Judgment and to Record in Mortgage:  $200.00

Motion for new trial, Small Claims Only (non-refundable fee):  $50.00

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